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You're In, You're Out
The Mission to Mars
Mosquito-B "Inside" Live
Killing Mars teaser
Love after all - Original version
Love after all - Peakafeller REMIX

Mosquito-B LIVE 2016


Awesome gig at FEstivent on Aug 3rd


Photo  :  Marie-Ève Desmeules

Opening for USA Band Live, Mosquito-B played a 1 hr set in front of 40 000 people at Festivent, on of the biggest festivals in the Quebec region.

We'll be LIVE in Toronto at the Hard Rock Cafe on May 16th ! Rock'n Roll !


Dates coming soon ;-) !


The new Album cover !!!


This is what will be the album cover for Use Less U. The recording is not going as fast as I would like it to be but we still hope it will be out for dec. 21st.



From July 12th to 23rd, Mosquito-B is back for a 4th time and we can't wait to see you again in Melksham (13), Beautiful Lyme Regis (14), Frome Festival (15), London (20), Brandford on Avon (21), Tonefest-Wareham (22) !!! See ya there ;-) !!!! &nb



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Mosquito-B is the brainchild of Quebec-born Dan Moisan. Author. Songwriter. Musician. Recording / performing artist. Advertising / marketing wiz. Entrepreneur. One of these titles would be enough for one person. Dan has integrated all of them.

The choices we make define who we are. in an effort to sidestep the lifestyle of a musician, Dan started his own advertising agency where he could give full play to creative and commercial instincts. This self-taught musician almost managed to dodge the musical elephant in the room.

Dan founded MOSQUITO-B in 1998. By 2001 he had released his debut album, 'SI J'TE DIS' which featured his first-ever original recording, 'PAS LA PEINE. The CD was well-received at radio and was followed with a second LP, .LE SPARADRA. (Bandage) which generated five radio-active singles including a No. 1 hit on CBC's 'Bande part.' The success caught the attention of Quebec singer, ELLE who covered Dan's song, .AMOUR. which captured another radio hit.

Dan then teamed-up with producers Marc Durand (Men Without Hats, The Box) and Fred St-Gelais (Marie Mai and some Canadian Idols). The collaboration resulted in Dan's first English album, 'RAID' and featured 'LOVE AFTER ALL' which was remixed by DJ Dan D-Noy as the 'The Peakafeller Remix' and broke in clubs worldwide, putting Mosquito-B on the international map.

Next came a 6-song EP, 'KILLING MARS' mixed and co-produced by Paul Northfield (Rush, Dream Theater, Ozzy) and released in the UK in a limited-run collectors' vinyl edition, in response to the growing demand there. The full-length CD 'KILLING MARS' followed to critical and popular acclaim.

Mosquito-B features Dan (bass and vocals), Stephanie Gagnon (guitar) and Jean-Michel Perrier (drums). They have opened for notables such as Honeymoon Suite, The Box, The Korgis and Saga and have earned a reputation of commanding encores in opening slots - which is very rare, if not unique.

Mosquito-B's were the sole artist representing Canada at the UK's official celebration of John Lennon's 70th birthday in 2010. They have since toured the UK five times and are now ramping up for a sixth tour, which includes a date at the Hampton Pool Summer Concerts series on July 20, 2013 where they perform an unprecedented 70-minute set opening for British pop stars, ABC (The Look of Love.)

Dan is a best-selling author, having penned a series of French fiction which will also be published in English and is under consideration for adaptation to the screen.

Dan is currently working on his next CD, entitled, 'USE LESS U.' He adds, . It deals with not using others and explores the process of individualization, learning how to love yourself before you can love others. In a play on words, it is also about using less 'You's'.


God save the Queen !

We had such a great trip in UK, giving 5 shows in 4 cities, including a paticipation in 2 John Lennon Tribute concerts. Thanks so much to Paul Meredith, Martin Dimery, the greatest John Lennon on earth, Sargeant Pepper Lonely Dart Board Band, Pete at the Hobbit, Gordon and Mary in Lyme Regis, Mr Kipps in Poole, The Bedford and Dale Hanson and The Castle Rocks in London !!! We are now working on a 10 show trip next summer and also planning a visit to Paris, Hamburg and Berlin. I'll keep you in touch. But I have to declare my true love to wonderfull UK. If it wasn't for family obligations, be sure that I would have spend at least 3 months to discover your universe...;-)

Thanks again and see you in July for the Tonefest in Dorset and many other dates.


A Jedi Master

I'm so pleased to have the chance to work  with Paul Northfield for the album mixing. Being a huge Rush fan, I just can't imagine that the guy who mixed YYZ will work on my songs !!! The communication is great and we have "You're In, You're Out" finished and the result is awesome. I don't know if we will have the time to finish everything for September since we have theh UK Tour coming so Marc proposed to release a vinyl EP of 4 songs and the digital version later in 2010. We also have the privilege to participate to John Lennon at 70 tribute concerts in London and Bournemouth. Mosquito-B will play "Instant Karma", "Revolution" and "Watching The Wheels". Very exciting !

The Voice

Vocal recording is going well ! We did 5 songs on July 13th to 15th and 3 others yesterday August 4th. We'll try to do another 3 tonight. In July, we had Claude Allard as the soundman. Claude is very experienced, working with artists such as Michel Pagliaro and Diane Tell. Yesterday, we were working wit Robert Matichak. It did not change a lot since Robert was hanging around while we did the first takes in July. We had a lot of fun yesterday recording 3 difficult songs : Terriifying Yourself, Being Richard Nixon and The Banker's Daughter. Tonight, we'll begin with Roller Coaster Love... Talk to ya soon !